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Custom Multiplex IHC (mIHC) Service

Immunotherapy is emerging as the treatment of choice for cancer and has been used to successfully cure many cancers already. However, immunotherapy requires precision diagnostics using IHC-based biomarker detection, with most clinical protocols allowing for the detection of only one biomarker at a time.

Multiplex IHC (mIHC) uses fluorescent dyes to detect up to 7-8 markers simultaneously for the accurate assessment of a specific patient's immunostatus, making it the ideal technology for biomarker detection. This technique involves sophisticated equipment and specific primary antibodies, all of which are beyond the capabilities of most labs.

With highly streamlined multiplex IHC protocols and primary antibodies developed in-house, GenomeMe is the best choice for your multiplex IHC staining needs. Let GenomeMe save your precious time and project costs so you can focus on analyzing the high quality data we can provide you. Please call or email us for all your multiplex IHC needs.
Multiplex IHC (mIHC) staining on NSCLC tissue.